Oneworld headquarters moves to Fort Worth, Texas

Oneworld alliance has announce Planning to move headquarters. I don’t read much into this, but I’m probably just being naive.

Oneworld Alliance moves to Texas

Effective December 2022, the oneworld alliance will move its global headquarters to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Specifically, the company will move to American Airlines’ 300-acre Robert L. Crandall campus (Known as Skyview), next to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

For context, the oneworld alliance was founded in 1999, and the alliance’s central management team was initially based in Vancouver, before moving to New York in 2011.

As described, moving to the headquarters of the world’s largest airline “will further accelerate the alliance’s campaign to deliver greater value to member airlines and customers.” Moreover, it is claimed that this will allow the coalition to tap into the significant pool of aviation talent in Texas, as it is the state with the most air transport jobs.

Here’s how Rob Gurney, CEO of oneworld alliance, describes the move:

As our industry recovers from COVID-19, alliances and partnerships have continued to deepen. With our new home in Fort Worth, we anticipate even closer collaboration with US airlines and members as we work hand in hand to drive growth and strengthen the oneworld alliance.”

Meanwhile, here is how oneworld Chairman and CEO Akbar Al Baker describes the move:

β€œIt is an important step to move our global headquarters in the Oneworld Alliance to the modern Robert L Crandall campus to be close to American Airlines, one of our founding members. Its main hub at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is one of the largest in our alliance and is served by eight members, demonstrating its connectivity and its unparalleled importance to travelers as a global hub.”

Oneworld partners with American Airlines

Are there any implications of this step?

On the surface, it seems logical for the oneworld alliance to move to the Dallas area, given that it is the main airport for the largest airline in the alliance. For comparison, Star Alliance is based in Frankfurt (Lufthansa Centre), while SkyTeam is based in Amsterdam (KLM Centre).

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In this sense, I always found the One World Alliance headquarters a bit strange. The oneworld alliance was initially based in Vancouver, although the alliance did not have a member airline in Canada. Then the alliance moved to New York, which is of course a world business center, but was not a major hub for any oneworld airline (American has historically been the smallest of the “Big Three” US airlines in the New York City area).

Moving to American Airlines headquarters seems logical enough. Not only can I imagine that this will lead to significant cost savings, but it will also make it easier for the alliance to collaborate with its largest member, American Airlines. If anything, the only surprise here is that the coalition won’t move to Doha. πŸ˜‰

In my opinion, the Oneworld Alliance was the most impressive alliance in recent years. While other alliances have somewhat given up on growth, the oneworld alliance continues to expand. Not only oneworld has been added Alaska Airlines And the Royal Air Maroc In the past two years, but the alliance continues to grow, with Oman Air He is expected to join soon.

Oman Air will join the oneworld alliance soon


The oneworld alliance will move its headquarters from New York to Fort Worth, Texas. This should not only lead to cost savings, but will also allow the alliance to be closer to its largest member airline. As consumers there shouldn’t be any major implications here.

What do you think of the move of the Oneworld Alliance to Fort Worth?

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