Over a hundred people have died in the floods in the DRC

More than a hundred people died on Thursday evening in South Kivu province, bordering Rwanda in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), after heavy rains hit the region, bringing the death toll to less than 130 this week, we learned on Friday. , May 5 from local sources. The manager of the affected area spoke to Agence France-Presse “Temporary death toll around 100” and a subsidiary local radio reported a total of 150 dead and many missing.

Villages in Kalehe region, west of Lake Kivu, which marks the border between the DRC and Rwanda, were flooded after rivers overflowed their banks, said Archimedes Garhebwa, the region’s assistant administrator. Among the worst affected villages are Saponto, Bushushu and Nyamukubi, where the search for missing persons continues till Friday afternoon.

Kalehe elected MP Vital Muhini lamented on Radio Okabi Bukavu “Catastrophic Damage, Human and Material”A member of the rescue team, speaking on condition of anonymity, announced in the afternoon that 72 bodies had been found in Saponto, 31 in Bushushu, 45 in Nyamukubi… 68 bodies, before describing provisional estimates. “Research Continues in Ruins”he added.

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