Padres points against Dodgers, fast food: San Diego beats NLDS as Bullpen, Trent Gresham helps eliminate L.A.

In the San Diego Padres’ first playoff game with fans since 2006, the hosts gave the fans a thrill as Padres beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 2-1. With the win in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series, Padres led 2-1 in the best of the five series. That means the Padres are one win from eliminating the Dodgers, who won a record 111 games during the regular season.

Padres player Blake Snell knocked out 5 1/3 innings of a one-running ball, and the San Diego team continued to put zeros on the board. In attack, Trent Gresham made his third home run in 2022 after the season ended.

The winner of the series will advance to the NLCS to face the winner of the Philadelphia Phillies-Atlanta Braves NLDS.

Now, for fast food from game 3.

Tony Gonsulin wasn’t able to give a lot to the Dodgers

Thanks to a forearm injury, Gonsolin missed more than a month along the court and was back in time just to make a shortened start against the Rockies on October 3. In Game 3 Friday night, he wasn’t the same. Driving was sorely lacking, and Gonsulin’s slick ball speed was low or so (just as it was against Colorado on his last start). He held out 31 points in the first half, and Dave Roberts was moved to warm up Andrew Heaney in that first frame. Things could have gone wrong in the second, but Gonsolin was able to escape the disaster, thanks in part to the failed Jurickson Profar bunt attempt.

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Roberts had a lead of 75 throws or so planned for Gonsolin in Game 3, but was able to last 42 throws and 1 1/3 innings. During that time, four-stroke runs and one walk were allowed. With the first two games of the series, the Dodgers scored eight reliefs and eight relief runs. Even with a day out before Game Three and Round One, the L.A. pen drives some final miles. This trend continued on Friday.

Pulp Padres had nails

With the first two games of the series, Bullpen San Diego put these numbers: 9 1/3 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 9 SO, 4 BB. Then in the decisive third game, that same pen was tasked with protecting a lead one for 11 times—including sixth-place Nick Martinez and inherited a scoring runner-up with a one-of-one finish. Once again, the San Diego relief team rose to the challenge and did so against one of the best offenses in MLB. Now for those updated NLDS numbers: 13 IP, 5H, 0R, 15 SO, 4 BB.

Trent Gresham continued his fireworks after the season ended

Pads quarterback and No. 8 hitter Trent Gresham has had a very tough regular season at the plate, but he’s been huge in the Wild Card streak for the Mets, coming in twice in three games. During his first two NLDS matches against the Dodgers, Grisham didn’t do much, but he rediscovered his punch in the first round in the fourth game of Game 3:

That plane from Andrew Heaney left the bat at 109.8 mph and traveled 389 feet. Putting Gresham for a third time at home in 2022 after the season ended – with only six games – in the elite franchise company:

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At the very least, he’ll have at least two more games to tie or break Jim Laeritz’s record. More importantly, the Padres probably wouldn’t be where they are without a power surge at Gresham in October.

The Dodgers once again struggled with the runners in the scoring position

The Dodgers came on Friday night empty in the RISP stands for the second game in a row. In Game 3, they went 0 against 9 with RISP, meaning they are now 0 against the last 19 in such locations. Suffice it to say, Dodgers are a few strokes in time apart from this series being very different.

History prefers Al Badris

It’s no surprise that Padres are in a good position as they lead 2-1 in their best of five streak. In the history of the best out of five league, a team has advanced 2-1 in the series 67 times, and 49 of these teams have advanced 2-1 to win the series. Put another way, only 26.9 percent of teams trailing 2-1 in the LDS came back to win the LDS.

For the Dodgers, the first step towards challenging the odds and history comes in Game 4 on Saturday. Tyler Anderson goes to Los Angeles against Joe Musgrove, first court scheduled for 9:07 p.m. ET at Petco Park in San Diego. Shortstop Tree Turner The match time decision may be for the dribblers. He cut his fingers in Game 3 while diving back to first base in a crash attempt. X-rays were negative.

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