Pedophilia: John Paul II hid affairs before becoming Pope

According to a journalist’s investigation, Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, who would become John Paul II, may have stopped pedophilia cases within the Polish church before moving to the Vatican.

This was revealed in a journalistic investigation conducted by Polish private television on Sunday, March 5 DTV Assures him: Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, the future John Paul II, knew about the pedophile acts committed by the priests of the Diocese of Krakow before he became head of the Church. 20 Minutes with AFP reports.

Transfer of pedophile priests

Became Pope in 1978, Wojtyla was previously a Cardinal and Bishop of Krakow. Michael Gudowski, the author of the investigation, reports that he would have transferred priests from one parish to another to prevent scandals when he learned of the pedophile’s activities.

One of them was sent to Austria according to a recorded letter written by the future pope, who did not report the allegations against the priest to the Cardinal of Vienna, Franz Koenig.

While the Krakow Diocese refused the journalist access to its archives, Kudowski was able to interview former employees of the diocese, victims of pedophile priests and their relatives. Ex-Communist S.P. He was also able to consult secret police documents.

“Know John Paul II”

An anonymous witness confirmed in 1973 that a priest had privately revealed the pedophile’s actions to Cardinal Wojtyla: “Wojdyla first wanted to make sure it wasn’t a prank. He asked not to report it anywhere, he said he would take care of it.” He confirmed before promising that.

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Former American Catholic priest Thomas Doyle, an expert in canon law, testified during the report: “What you found is revolutionary because it shows what many have suspected for years, that John Paul II did not know that this problem already existed. He became pope, he had to know, but there was no evidence, And there, we have a source,” notes the author of the first report on clergy abuse in the United States.

A book titled “Maxima Culpa: John Paul II Knew” containing similar accusations against Karol Wojtyla, resulting from an investigation by Dutch journalist Ekke Overbeek, is to be published in Poland on Wednesday, March 8.

The Polish Church has been rocked by several pedophilia cases exposed by the media in recent years. Several senior Polish officials have also been sanctioned by the Vatican.

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