Pokemon Go players are feeling frustrated after Regidrago Elite Raids started having massive crashes

published: 2023-03-11 T22:05:00

updated: 2023-03-11 T22:05:11

Pokemon Go players have vented their frustration after the Elite Raid event opened in Regidrago with widespread crashes across different regions.

Pokemon Go players detailed why the recent Regidrago Elite Raids were such an all around frustrating experience.

Over the course of the event, players took to social media to air their complaints about the myriad of issues they faced while trying to participate in the raids.

To make matters worse, many fans were frustrated after the mobile game stopped completely before the 11:00am event start time.

Pokemon Go Regidrago Elite Raids starts crashing

Members of the Pokemon Go community flocked to social media posts that showed evidence of the game crashing just before the Elite Raid event began, and shared similar experiences.

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a mail On a Pokemon Go subsite titled, “Game crashes and won’t open at 11…” it garnered more than 1,200 upvotes and nearly 250 comments, many of whom said they had a similar issue.

Interestingly, the severity of the crashes was different for players, as one noted, “I can go into the game and click on a Pokémon but it crashes when I try to go into a raid.” Others indicated that they encountered a “down for maintenance” message when starting the event.

This was likely because, as reported by the PokeMiners Twitter account, Niantic was updating the Regidrago event with relevant data even after Elite Raids had started.

Due to the time-based nature of the event, many trainers’ schedules were completely disrupted and some were unable to complete raids at all.

“This is what I get for getting the kids around and driving to the gym for it,” said one fan. They updated their post and said, “Winned up getting in and hitting it with three people seconds ago. I got it in a ball and then it went to the ‘Can’t find Pokemon’ or something error screen.” In the end, they were forced to abandon the raid.

Fans on TheSilphRoad subreddit Share the same expertisewith coaches commenting that they too had to abandon the event or waste resources.

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“I stood outside in the sideways sleet rain for 30 minutes only to have the game fail the whole time. It was time for me to give that game up and spend that time on more productive things, like watching the paint dry.”

With Niantic’s recent pledge to in-person experiences coming right before the disastrous, personal-only Regidrago event, the community is understandably upset with the developer.

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