Poland wants to open negotiations with Germany on war reparations

Warsaw demands a “permanent, complete and definitive legal and material solution to the consequences of German aggression and occupation 1939-1945”.

Poland’s foreign minister indicated on Monday, October 3, that his country intends to open negotiations with Germany on World War II reparations, estimated by Warsaw at thirteen hundred billion euros.

Minister Zbigniew Rau told reporters on Monday that he had signed a diplomatic note.1939-1945 The hope that the parties will take immediate steps towards a permanent, complete and definitive legal and material settlement of the consequences of the German occupation and occupation (…)“. The note should be sent to German diplomatic chief Annalena Baerbach, who is expected in Warsaw on Monday evening, and Zbigniew Rau on Tuesday.

This regulation should specifically cover:Payment by the Federal Republic of Germany of compensation for material and non-material losses suffered by the Polish Government as a result of this aggression and occupation.Zbigniew Rao said.

According to the minister, the solution should include compensation for victims of the Nazi occupation and their family members, and a proper solution to the issue of seized Polish cultural property and archival documents.

“Polish-German relations based on justice and truth”

Such a solution would make possible Polish-German relations based on justice and truth, lead to the closing of painful chapters of the past and ensure the further development of bilateral relations in the spirit of good neighborliness and friendly cooperation.“, and Zbigniew Rau underlined. In a report published on September 1, Warsaw estimated its losses during World War II at 6.2 trillion zlotys (1,300 billion euros).

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A total ofThe most important part is compensation for the deaths of more than 5.2 million Polish citizens“There will be a process before Poland receives these reparations,” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of the ruling Law and Justice Party, underlined later.Long and hardAccording to Germany, Poland waived war reparations in 1953 and has repeatedly confirmed this waiver.

Berlin has in the past countered the same arguments to demands for reparations raised by Greece. For the Polish liberal opposition, the debate on war reparations revived by conservatives was above all for domestic political purposes, a year before the general election.

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