Police arrested two organizers, “immediate” intervention

Authorities have warned the intervention is “immediate”. “If you want to leave of your own free will, now is the time to do it,” Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell told protesters Thursday afternoon. In this process, the police arrested the demonstrators against several cleaning activities, especially the police targeted two main organizers. “Independent Convoy”Chris Barber and, in the evening, Tamara Lich (former Secretary of the Separatist Party Maverick).

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Thursday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck Besieged the Canadian capital For almost three weeks. But with the encircled perimeter and more than 100 security checkpoints, the intervention can take place on Fridays or weekends.

“We are ready to expel illegal protesters from our streets,” explained Steve Bell, explaining that a security perimeter has been set up around the city center and that it is possible to control the entry of 100 checkpoints into the zone. But on the ground, protesters continued to blow trumpets and horns, turning in circles, hanging behind the Canadian flag or on a hockey stick.

Nothing “quiet” anymore

Prime Minister a few meters away Justin Trudeau The challenge was no longer considered “peaceful” during the historic debate over the implementation of an exceptional rule emergency law, which he implemented on Monday for the second time in Canada’s peaceful history. “The purpose of all actions, including the financial measures provided for in the Emergency Law, is to bring the situation under full control in the face of the current threat,” Justin Trudeau said.

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In a letter to provincial chiefs on Wednesday evening, he described the movement as “a threat to democracy” and an “understatement of Canada’s reputation abroad.” “Personal and corporate bank accounts” were banned Frozen, Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Christiaan Freeland told a news conference. Calling the situation “safe,” Defense Minister Marco Mendicino said “illegal border blockades” have cost the Canadian economy billions of dollars.

“Leave the premises” order

Protesters, determined to stay “until the end,” received a final warning from police on Wednesday as they circled trucks to distribute leaflets urging them to “leave the premises.” “They are trying to intimidate people into coming this weekend,” trucker Kevin Wering, 39, told AFP in response to the installation of these barricades around Parliament House. The Ontario, who was wearing a gray sweater with the “Freedom Together” logo and a cart with gas cans, said he was ready to stay “until then if we are arrested.”

As of Wednesday night, Ottawa’s new police chief, Steve Bell, said he had a “formal plan” to end the struggle. “Some of the techniques we are allowed to use and ready to use are not commonly found in Ottawa,” he warned.

Dangerous situation

The combination of rain and snow on Wednesday and in the coming days will complicate police operations in the face of a complex and dangerous situation for the smooth evacuation of protesters. She is particularly frightened to see that there are “serious elements” but many children, including children, will be in the demonstration.

One of the organizers Independent convoy Tamara Lich said he is expected to be arrested. “I think it’s inevitable now …” he said in a video posted on social media. The city of Ottawa, the province of Ontario and the whole of Canada are in a state of emergency due to this unprecedented movement, the party of the opposition of vaccinated truckers against Govt-19 to cross the border between Canada and the United States.

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The movement, which was initially curtailed by authorities, has spread to all health measures in recent weeks and many protesters have rejected the government of Justin Trudeau.

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