Police kill knife-wielding African-American man with double amputation

Purse Don’t finish. After Death of Dyer NicholasUS police have again been accused of using excessive force after the death of an African-American man who had two legs amputated in California and was killed by agents in the city of Huntington Park during an intervention for a knife attack.

Various videos of Anthony Lowe’s attempted arrest sparked controversy Wednesday. Footage shot by passers-by shows the 36-year-old man letting his wheelchair run down his stump, while several police officers point their weapons at him.

Another video shows the moment officers fired a dozen rounds at the suspect.

butcher knife

The videos have recently emerged amid controversy after an attempted arrest last Thursday and another African-American man, Dyer Nichols, was severely beaten by Memphis police in early January in South America.

Police in Huntington Park, a small town on the outskirts of Los Angeles, said officers responded to a stabbing by a man in a wheelchair.

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The suspect, who was holding a 30-centimeter butcher knife, ignored officers’ orders to drop it and threatened to “throw the knife,” according to a police report cited by several U.S. media outlets.

Officers lost control and fired a Taser twice, police said. “The suspect brandished a butcher knife and continued to threaten officers, resulting in an officer-involved shooting,” police said in their statement.

“Mental Disorders”

Available videos show Anthony Lowe holding a knife-like object. In the pictures, he walks away from the police, not towards them. According to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, which is in charge of the investigation, two officers fired about 10 times at Anthony Lowe, who was shot in the chest and died at the scene.

During a press conference on Monday, his family explained that he suffered from mental illness. His relatives did not report that he had stabbed another person. “They killed my son when he was in a wheelchair with no legs,” said his mother, Dorothy Lowe. “So they have to do something, because my son wants justice. »

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