Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced he would stay on in power, five days after threatening to resign.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced his decision to stay in power on Monday, April 29. “The Respect Campaign” In which he blamed the right-wing opposition and his latest example was the initiation of an investigation against his wife.

“I decided to continue” At the helm of the government, the 52-year-old Socialist leader, declared in power since 2018, spoke at one point. “Organizational Speech” at Moncloa Palace, the official residence of the head of government in Madrid.

He invited the country to undertake “A Collective Reflection” About the polarization of political life, to prevent “Misinformation to steer debate”. Saying “enough is enough” or the deterioration of public life will fix our future and condemn us as a nation.”he added.

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Mr. Sánchez stunned Spain by hanging in the balance on Wednesday with his resignation after a Madrid court announced it would open a preliminary investigation against his wife, Becona Gomez, following a complaint filed by a far-right association. Manos Limbias (“Clean Hands”).

A completely unprecedented fact, Mr. Sánchez suspended all his public engagements on Thursday evening in Catalonia, where his Socialist party was due to launch a regional campaign for a national referendum, hoping to oust separatists. power

“They're filing a complaint against Becona not because she did something illegal – they know there's no case – but because she's my wife.Mr. Sanchez responded at X on Wednesday. The right and far-right have overstepped the government's limits on respect for the president's family life. try “Inhumane and [de] Eliminate political opponents with complaints that are defamatory and false.

A tense political environment

Fundraising Specialist, Mme Gomez continued her professional activities after her husband took office in 2018. The complaint filed by Manos Limbias includes information published on the site confidential, he headed a foundation called the IE Africa Center, accused of signing a letter of recommendation to a business leader seeking public grants. However, the business leader negotiated a plan with the government to rescue his airline, Air Europa, which was damaged by the pandemic; These negotiations resulted in a loan of 475 million euros.

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The prosecution requested the end of the investigation on Thursday, while Manos Limbias admitted that his complaint was based only on newspaper articles, but the judge in charge of the case has yet to reveal his intentions.

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A figure hated by the opposition, Mr. Sánchez – who governs with the far left and has benefited from the support of Basque and Catalan separatists – wants to plan a campaign on the issue. “Coalition of Right-Wing and Far-Right Interests” WHO Don't accept the verdict of the ballot boxes.

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The political climate has been tense in recent months due to strong opposition to an amnesty law for separatists who tried to break away from Catalonia in 2017. In exchange for their support for his renewal for a new term in November, the law passed first reading in March and must be adopted definitively by the end of May.

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