Quentin Tarantino Named ‘Film Critic’ As Next Film – Deadline

Has Quentin Tarantino found his next and potentially definitive movie? Sources tell Deadline he’s set to direct film critic, which is based on an original text penned by him. There is no studio attached.

Plot details are being kept under lock and key other than that it focuses on a film critic in the 1970s.

Borys group of sister publications Hollywood Reporter I reported the news.

Tarantino has not directed a movie since 2019 Once upon a time in hollywoodAnd everyone in the industry is wondering about his next movie. For years, he said he would direct 10 films and then retire. This would mark his tenth film.

while giving interviews to promote his latest book Cinematic speculation Tarantino said he wrote a 10-episode TV series that could be real Bonus law Series based on the show featured in Once upon a time in hollywood; It is not known what would happen if he chose to shoot Film critic the next. There have also been rumors of a potential movie centering around the backstory of Cliff Booth, Brad Pitt’s character once upon a timewhich earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

We’ll update as it becomes more clear what this next project is.

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