Ramses II: We know why we have to break Pharaoh’s neck to embalm him

Ramses’ family are followers of Seth, the god of chaos, but are hated by the Egyptian people.

The Ramessides elevated him to rank State God (with Amon, Ptah and Re). Temples were built in his memory. The regnal name of Ramses II’s father, Seti I, also means “of Set”. Why this iconoclastic choice? Seth It also covers the political program of this dynasty perfectly. He is the god of the border between Egypt and Asia, a strategic area that the pharaohs wanted to control at all costs. In mythology, he protects the boat of the sun god Ra by warding off evil spirits. Finally, it is associated with the harmful color red in Egypt. However, Ramses the Great’s mummy still wears red hair, making him “Seth’s companion”.

Ramses II, a female pharaoh

The Learnings Ramses II’s, “House of Recluses”, consists of several dozen women. Among them, eight hold the rank of great royal consorts – an achievement for a pharaoh. The most famous is the most beautiful, Nefertari, whom he deified and dedicated a temple at Abu-Shimbal. He married all four of his daughters. Because marriage is a diplomatic tool, the harem is filled with beautiful foreigners. In the 21st year of his reign, Ramses marries the daughter of his former Hittite enemy Hattusi III, cementing their peace treaty.

Ramses II suffered from generalized spondylarthrosis

“A brutal, ignorant expression.” These were the first inscriptions discovered by Egyptologist Gaston Maspero in 1881 when he was removing the face from the pharaoh’s mummy at the Boulogne Museum (near Cairo). He adds, however, “that air of pride, obstinacy, and majesty of sovereignty, which still pierces beneath the grotesque instrument of embalming.” Raja was 1.72 m tall, with a round face and hooked nose, light red hair and prominent eyebrows. He was a member of ADMK for the last twenty years of his life Spondylarthrosis The spread that bent his spine. That’s why the embalmers broke his neck and made his mummy look a little stiff.

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Ramses II, a model pharaoh

Nine rulers of the 20th dynasty adopted his regnal name, even though they were not related to him by blood. Ramses III goes so far as to give his children the names of Ramses II’s sons!

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