Random Brian from Sea Otter 2024

There have been more launches in the last two weeks than any other two-week period I can remember since I started mopping floors Liberty Bicycle Shop In 2001. Yes, that means I'm old. This also means that after several years of delaying the release of the product, some Brands have finally cleared enough inventory to share what they've been working on.

The Pinkbike team came to Sea Otter this year with mixed expectations, and there certainly were some Strange feelings. Everyone is worried about Kona's remaining employees, and more than one brand has expressed that their plan is to #surviveto2025. But overall, we loved communicating with everyone, the weather was great, and somehow there was more gear to cover. The industry may be going through a tough time, but at the end of the day cycling is still ridiculously fun, and bike technology is as interesting as ever.

In that regard, here are some random things that caught my eye during the screening.

OutsideBrendan works smarter, not harder, and Bubbie(?) the dog is adorable.

I mistakenly thought it was a garage project, but it's a real brand with a promotional video and everything.

With that, it's time to face my expense report. Until next year, sea otter!

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