RCS was introduced in iOS 18 to bridge the Apple and Android messaging gap

Apple is set to replace the old text messaging protocol with a newer one to enhance compatibility with Android. Here’s when it will be released.

RCS support will be added to iPhone sometime in 2024

RCS, or Rich Communication Services, is an upgrade to the traditional smartphone text messaging (SMS) system. Makes texting more like iMessage with iOS 18.

The RCS messaging protocol supports features like knowing when someone is writing, sending high-quality photos and videos, and knowing when messages have been read. Unlike old SMS, RCS can use Wi-Fi and cellular data, making it more versatile and easier to use.

Apple’s decision to adopt RCS comes after years of hesitation. In 2022, Apple CEO Tim Cook indicated that RCS was “not a priority” for the company.

However, increasing regulatory pressures and the need for improved interoperability have influenced this shift. For example, the European Union required Apple to open iMessage to other platforms, which accelerated Apple’s decision to adopt RCS.

Although RCS will improve cross-platform communication, it will not replace iMessage. Apple’s iMessage will remain the primary messaging platform for iPhone-to-iPhone communications, retaining its blue bubble. RCS messages, on the other hand, will appear as green bubbles, much like current SMS and MMS messages.

When will RCS be released on iPhone?

RCS support will be introduced in a software update later in the year, Apple said in its WWDC 2024 announcement on Monday.

However, this may not coincide with the initial release of iOS 18. Users may see RCS features become available in later updates.

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