Redditors are exploiting an AI content farm to cover up a fake “WoW” feature

It seems some redditors are very excited about a new a feature called Glorbo, which some believe will “make a huge impact on the game”. Their tangible enthusiasm for Globo has caught the attention of its namesake blog the gatewhich publishes “Gaming Content Powered by Z League”, an app that aims to bring gamers together.

Just one problem: Globo isn’t real. the gate It appears to use artificial intelligence to scrape posts and turn them into content.

Redditor u/kaefer_kriegerin that the gate He was apparently turning discussions from some of the gaming sub-forums into blog posts. They decided to try to trick the content farm into covering fake content amazing feature. The trick worked. Other redditors played, as did some Blizzard developers, like notes.

the gateThe now-deleted blog post even quoted u/kaefer_kriegerin as saying, “Honestly, this new feature makes me so happy! I really want some major bot-powered news site to publish an article on this topic.” You almost can’t make this up. that From this position is still available.

There appears to be at least some level of human input the gate. The site added “(Satyr)” to the post’s title before eventually deleting it entirely. She also published an article based on on amazing Players pull out keys (which is not something that happens). This blog post has also been deleted from the gate.

Engadget has contacted Blizzard to see if they will address the hype for Glorbo and actually bring the feature to amazing. As it happens, Blizzard It is said to use artificial intelligence To help create character costumes and concept art. We’ve also asked Z League for comment, and will let you know if it sends us a statement (presumably from AI).

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As generative AI has emerged in recent months, we are likely to see a tidal wave of AI-generated deception appear on websites, including mainstream publications. earlier this year, Cnet One of the AI-generated finance jobs was turned off after bugs were discovered. The site staff objected Cnetplan middle. gizmodo Publisher G/O Media is, too moving forward Through AI-generated blog posts, though, those were widely derided for a chronological list of Star Wars movies and TV shows. . This and other AI-generated articles that appeared across the G/O Network this month angered the company’s human writers and editors.

Mistakes happen. Human writers can’t get everything right all the time. But any journalist worth the effort will go to great lengths to make sure their work is as accurate and fair as possible. Generative AI isn’t exactly there yet. There have been many examples of AI chatbots. However, some believe that artificial intelligence can, for example, help newsrooms with fact-checking.

Meanwhile, it appears that Google is the one that can prepare news articles and automate certain tasks to help journalists. Some critics who saw the tool in action suggested that it takes for granted the work of producing accurate, easy-to-understand news stories.

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