Reuniting with the Orange Warning, Hurricane Emnati is approaching Sunday

This Saturday, February 19, at 4 pm, Hurricane Emnati made landfall 555 km northeast of Reunion. The island is on Hurricane Orange alert. The hurricane will approach our coast on Sunday evening. Schools and nurseries will be closed on Monday.

Tropical cyclone Emnati is approaching Reunion this Saturday, February 19th. The orange alert has been issued since 5 p.m. The system will be near our beach on Sunday evenings. Schools and nurseries will be closed on Monday. The point here.

At 4 pm, Hurricane Emnati was 555 km northeast of our coast, according to a recent report from the Méto France Réunion. Reunion has been on orange hurricane warning since 5 p.m.

The storm is expected to move west, southwest, at 17 mph and intensify further. It is expected to remain in a tropical or severe tropical cyclone until it crosses the coast off the east coast of Madagascar on Tuesday.

The closest route to Reunion is to run approximately 320 km (+/- 100 km) overnight from Sunday to Monday.

“The expected impact should be less than the impact of Hurricane Patchirai”, Provide services of Météo France Réunion.

The deterioration of the weather will be most noticeable the next night. Tomorrow is Sunday, Wind speeds will exceed 100km / h, with heavy rainfall expected especially in the southern highlands and volcanic areas.

During the night from Sunday to Monday and Monday morning, winds will reach 120 kmph in coastal areas and 130 to 140 kmph in high altitude areas. Rainfall mainly affects the interior of the island and the eastern hills. A slow improvement may take shape at the end of the day on Monday and especially on Tuesday.

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Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least three places on Monday, with the epicenter being reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.. Under these conditions, the Regional Road Administration had already announced yesterday that it would be necessary to close the seafront lanes of Littoral Road on Monday.

On Monday, February 21, schools, nurseries, non-formal receptions and joint receptions for minors will not welcome children for at least one day.

Classes are suspended in all schools, colleges and high schools on Monday. A new update will be made as soon as possible to notify families of the resumption date for classes.

The economic life of the island has not been disrupted by the orange level of hurricane warning. However, “Employers are urged to take this warning into account and restrict the travel of their employees and staff as much as possible”, Specifies the province of Reunion.

“Town halls will analyze their condition and exposure to strong winds, as well as advice on maintaining fair price stores tomorrow Sunday morning,” he said. Explained Provincial Council in a press release.

The city of Saint-Denis announces the cancellation of the Cauldron Market on Sunday morning.

Also, the province states that polling stations in Etong-Salei will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Voters must re-elect their mayor.

Adjacent to Roland Gros Airport, flights are advanced, last scheduled for Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Air Astral has announced changes to its flight schedule for Sunday, February 20 and Monday, February 21. The point in our article by clicking here.

  • Maximum sea level (above 10 minutes on average) is forecast: 130 km / h.
  • Estimated maximum wind at sea: 185 km / h
  • Estimated rated pressure at the center: 970 hPa.
  • 4pm local time on February 19: 16.4 South / 58.0 East.
  • Distance from Reunion Beach: 555 km per sector: North-North-East
  • Distance from Mayotte: 1430 km to the port: East-South-East
  • Movement: West-south-west, at 17 km.
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Hurricane Emnati is expected to make landfall in Madagascar during the day or evening on Tuesday, possibly in the event of a severe tropical cyclone, posing a real danger.

Here are the predicted intensities and conditions of this low pressure system over the next few days:

  • TROPICAL CYCLONE, Center 02/20 at 4pm local time, 17.8 South / 55.3 East.
  • The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.
  • The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.
  • Landslide, center 02/23 at 4pm local time, 22.9 South / 44.2 East.
  • Moderate tropical storm, center 02/24 at 4 pm local time, 25.9 South / 41.7 East

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