Rose and Camelia, the slapping game, gets a switch port

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I can’t believe I had to go this far in the archives for this, But anyone who was reading the site in 2008(!) He might remember a game called Rose and Camelliathat was kinda Such as punch out!only if Everyone was straight from Jane Austen’s novel.

Here is the original stadium for 2007making it It looks like a complex game of intricate social and political intrigue:

The day after Riko married into the aristocratic Tsubakikoji family, her beloved husband died, leaving her nothing but a rose and the contempt of his family. Despite her low-key origins, Riko, as the wife of Shunsuke, the eldest son of the Tsubakikoji household, is determined to claim her title as mistress. But the cynical aristocrats who make up the members of the main branch of the family deny her her rightful position. Holding the rose that Shunsuke had given her on their wedding night, preparing to prove her case, by force if necessary, he put the wicked blue blood in their place.

However, the gameplay included slapping shit out of everyone who stood in your way. The game was great, leading to a sequel just a year later, then in 2013 a third entry in the series was released, this time tied with no Maulana. I haven’t even thought about this game in over a decade, And it’s possible that neither of you owns either, which is why it’s surprising to see one of the game’s first ports on the way to the Nintendo Switch.

Not only does this bring the joys of the game to a whole new generation, but it also adds motion controls via JoyControl con, and for the first time will allow multiplayer so you can slap A friend instead of the CPU. There’s no release date or price listed, or word about a Western release (the original was a Japanese game, and this ad was only in Japanese), but you can (and should) check out the trailer below:

薔薇 と 椿 – Nintendo Switch |売 決定 告知 ト レ イ ラ ー

(Thank you Ian Thank you)

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