Russian bombings cause “significant damage” to Ukrainian electricity grid

Cover Image: A house destroyed by a Russian missile in Kiev, December 29, 2022. STRINGER/REUTERS

  • Ukraine condemned Russian bombings “big” In many cities of the country, including the capital Kiev. According to Ukrainian officials, 54 of the 69 Russian missiles were launched “killed”. Earlier, the Office of the President of Ukraine announced that about 120 missiles had targeted the country.
  • These strikes left 40% of Kyiv residents are without electricity. The largest city in the west of the country, 90% of Lviv was without electricityThursday, following Russian bombing of Ukrainian energy infrastructure in the middle of winter.
  • The Belarus said on Thursday it had shot down a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile Near the village of Korpaka in the Brest region (southwest) on the border with Ukraine. It was the first incident reported by Minsk since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine. Belarusian officials say they are considering two scenarios: the missile fell by mistake in Belarus, or it was shot down by Belarusian anti-aircraft defenses. Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus has been invited.
  • The shortage of the Ukrainian electricity network has also worsened Operator Ukrenergo, the national manager of the electricity transmission network, announced on Wednesday that gas infrastructure in eastern Ukraine had been bombed. Facebook.
  • said the head of Russian diplomacy to himself “faith” That Russia will achieve its goals in Ukraine “Patience”on the condition that ” Four regions [Donetsk, Louhansk, Zaporijia, Kherson] belonging to the Russian Federation”Sergei Lavrov insisted, noting that Moscow must ” Surely “ Capture these four territories that are currently not fully controlled by the Russian Army.
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