“Russian rockets will fall on NATO” if Western countries do not impose a no-fly zone

The Ukrainian president has once again urged NATO to establish a no-fly zone over his country, otherwise the organization risks falling “Russian rockets” on its member states.

If you do not lock our skies, it is a matter of time, Russian rockets will fall on your territory, on NATO territory, on the homes of NATO citizens.Zhelensky said in a video address released just after midnight.

He was speaking the day after Russian airstrikes on a Ukrainian training base near the Ukrainian city of Elviv (west), about 20 kilometers from NATO and EU member Poland. According to Ukrainians, 35 people were killed and 134 injured in the blasts.

Thirty missiles in the Liv area alone“Said the President.”Nothing happened that could threaten the territory of the Russian Federation. And only 20 kilometers from NATO borders.Last year, I made it clear to NATO leaders that it would start a war if drastic preventive measures were not taken against the Russian Federation.“, He added.

The former commander of the Air Force, Polish General Voltaire Skripzak, pointed out the previous day that the site was used to train foreign forces units, along with volunteers who had come to Ukraine to fight the Russians. It is also part of a series of Western military aid to Ukraine from the Russian invasion of February 24.

“American journalist Brent Renat was killed near Kiev on Sunday.”It was a planned attack by the Russian military“The president of Ukraine promised that another American journalist and a Ukrainian citizen were injured in the same vehicle as the deceased.

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