Schulz, Macron, and Tusk meet in Berlin to discuss differences over Ukraine – Politico

Long-standing tensions began to boil in late February when Macron refused to rule out sending Western troops to fight in Ukraine, vowing to do “whatever it takes to ensure that Russia cannot win this war.” Schulz is more cautious On shootingRuling out the use of ground forces from European countries.

Days later, Macron appeared to respond directly to Schulz. “It is clear that Europe is facing a moment when it will be necessary not to be cowards,” he told an audience in Prague. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius responded that Macron's comments were “something that doesn't really help solve the issues we have when it comes to security.” Help Ukraine.”

German officials privately complain that despite Macron's tough talk on Ukraine, he has not followed up with the same amount of military support as Germany.

Germany's Kiel Institute, which collects national contributions to the war effort in Ukraine, ranks France as a clear laggard with 640 million euros in military aid compared to Germany, which has provided or promised 17.7 billion euros.

The French dispute these numbers, and respond that they are providing weapons that are of real importance. “France has chosen operational efficiency in its military aid to Ukraine: promise what you can deliver, deliver what you can promise,” Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu recently said in a speech. mail On X.

Macron this week postponed a long-scheduled visit to Ukraine amid tensions with his allies over his increasingly tough rhetoric. The Elysee Palace announced on Sunday that the visit will take place in “the next two weeks.”

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