Scott Disick in a car crash: His Lamborghini was left on the side

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Scott Disick He was reportedly involved in a car accident on Sunday (August 21) at approximately 3:00 p.m. in Calabasas, California, TMZ. Scott, 39, suffered “only minor injuries,” but one wouldn’t believe that after seeing photos of his wrecked car. In photos obtained by TMZ, a Scott Lamborghini SUV is lying on its side while on the street, leaving wrecks strewn across the street. The photos also show a demolished stone mailbox on its side. He was reportedly the only person in the car when it rolled over, and keeping up with the Kardashians The alum also “doesn’t look weak,” according to TMZ sources.

“On August 21, 2022, Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s station deputies responded to the 25300 block of Prado De La Felicidad in Calabasas regarding a single-vehicle traffic collision,” according to a Los Angeles County Police Department report obtained by Hollywood Live. “Representatives arrived at the scene and called the driver Scott Disick who was the only occupant of the car. The main cause of the traffic collision was determined to be speeding and alcohol was not a factor. Mr. Disick suffered minor, non-life-threatening injuries and refused medical treatment. His family members picked him up at the scene and his vehicle was towed away at his request.”


Prior to this horrific incident, Scott apparently kept a low profile while doing his job. He was recently spotted hanging out with Rod Stewart’s daughterAnd the Kimberly Stewartin Beverly Hills. Rod and Kimberly, 42, hit a Beverly Hills restaurant for a little brunch, where “The Lord” donned an oversized multicolor tracksuit. Kimberly’s face some late ’90s My so-called lifeRealism with a black dress, a light blue shirt, and a pair of sneakers.

Although Scott has spent a lot of time with Kimberly over the summer, don’t expect sparks to fly. These two ‘have more than one Sibling relationship And the romantic side is not there.” from the inside Tell Hollywood Live exclusively. It’s all platonic between these two, and they spent more time together because Kimberly – founder and owner The kingdoma Home Organizer & Space Organization company – has done some work reorganizing Scott’s house.

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The two also talk about parenting. Scott shares three children with Kourtney Kardashian Mason DiscAnd the Penelope DiscAnd the And the era of discWhile Kim shares a daughter, Delilahwith the actor Benicio del Toro. “They are also very practical parents and can relate to each other a lot,” the insider added. “Kimberly doesn’t wear anything with him, nor does she kiss him. She is just a very good friend.”

Scott has also helped Kimberly’s brother, Sean Stewartwith his new clothing line, Dirty weekend. Scott, who is the CEO/owner of his own fashion line, talent“He advises Shawn on how to market the brand and Shawn appreciates that very much.”

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