Seeing a Star Wars movie for Lizzo and Jack Black serves as the final straw by Fan Boys

Lizzo and Jack Black

Star Wars engravings…

Seen as the last straw by Fan Boys 😳

Some Star Wars fanatics just can’t seem to handle them lizo And black jackcameos on ‘The Mandalorian’… ‘as they call their appearance the death of the franchise. sh…

Here’s the deal… The two A-listers appeared on last week’s episode of the popular Disney+ show, and ruffled some feathers in the “Star Wars” fanbase. Some believe that the series, and the IP as a whole, have jumped the shark… and that the “SW” magic is over and done with.

That feeling came to a head this weekend with one dude’s now-viral tweet… which spurred much discussion about who, exactly, “Star Wars” was made of in its original version… and what it has come to represent now. Check out how this slave is placed.

Twitter user He writes“#StarWars isn’t for us anymore. We who respect tradition will cry after being cast in a movie or show. Star Wars is now available to the famous kids who laughed and bullied in order to stuff you in your closet.”

“It’s smashing and #Disney deserves it,” he adds, with some gloom. Jesus dude!

Fans’ thoughts were calm controversial On the Bird app, many responded to his tweet with confusion and shock. Basically, they feel like he’s overreacting – and that Star Wars can (and should) be for everyone…not just the closet dwellers from the ’70s and ’80s.

While many have tried to shut this guy down/mock him, there are plenty of people who actually agree with him – claiming that Disney just got out of big names and brands… and that the Star Wars movie has degenerated into a soulless money grab. The Mouse House is definitely out of the money, no doubt, but you’ve got to have the best of intentions with staff like Lizzo and JB.

Of course, an OG opinion goes a long way, too… Billy Dee Williams Weighing in on this, and It is a nice With Jack and Liz in the family. This has to count for something.

In a galaxy far, far away… anger does not exist. Not here, however, unfortunately.

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