She criticized the non-performance at Rolling Loud California

For Rolling Loud California's headlining set, Ye and Ty Dolla $ign stood on stage without microphones for an hour with pre-recorded music of their song. the Eagles The album plays in the background. Many fans were confused because the official announcement of the late performance was not specific, but they claimed that “the Eagles are headlining the new Thursday night.” That post has since been deleted, but most fans expected a show, not a listening party — especially if he was sold to festival-goers as a headliner.

Ye appeared wearing his now signature hockey mask and appeared to roam the stage as he does at his hour-long listening parties in which his album is played. After the “performance,” if one can call it that, the duo left the stage, leaving only a DJ behind to play some of Ye’s best songs of his career. The two later defended their Rolling Loud performance in an interview with Big Boy TV saying, “It's still better than other people's shows that have a microphone.” The duo claim that the “show” itself was the lighting and smoke effect that the audience would see on stage. They firmly believe that people will attend the show just for the “experience.”

The option not to perform was met with critics on social media who called it a “scam.” diverse Speaking to those close to the show, he said the festival also “expected a more traditional performance… and even set up a special stage with a circular lighting rig for the group.” Those who purchased “Thursday only” tickets for the three-day festival were sorely disappointed. It comes after many festival fans criticized Rolling Loud for putting them back in the first place due to his past anti-Semitic statements. The show had a similar format to recent public hearings for the album where Ye and Ty Dolla $ign took to the stage without actually performing. They were both wearing dark clothes with hoodies and left immediately after playing the album. Take a look at what some fans had to say below.

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