She turns down a wrong alley looking for a friend’s house: the young woman is shot dead by the owner of the place

The new drama comes amid the case of Ralph Yarl, a young black American who was shot twice after knocking on the wrong door.

On Saturday, April 15, 2023, Kaylin Gillis was shot dead in Hebron, New York (USA).The car she was traveling in took a wrong turn just before 10pm.

A 20-year-old and her three friends were looking for a friend’s house in this rural town. After turning down the wrong alleyThe group began to return.

A kitten to finance his funeral

Only then The owner of the complex, Kevin D. Kaylin was fatally wounded when Monahan came out of his home and fired twice at the vehicle.. Cell phone coverage in the area of ​​the shooting was poor, prompting the youths to flee to nearby Salem to call emergency services.

A 65-year-old suspect was arrested and remanded in custody. He is one A charge of second degree murder, A step Press release From the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Gayle’s family was launched Jackpot On that day GoFundMe To finance the young woman’s funeral. Almost 100,000 euros have already been collected.

This new drama is coming to a climax The case of Ralph Yarl, a young black American who was shot twice for knocking on the wrong door. If the first case had evoked great emotion in the country based on suspicions of racial discrimination, nothing could be raised about this tragedy.

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