Significant damage in Lombardy after a tornado passed northeast of Milan

The rare event occurred Friday morning as a heat wave battered La Botte this week.

The view is amazing. A tornado ripped through northeastern Milan on Friday morning as heavy hail lashed northern Italy, forcing local firefighters to take out about 110 responses, reports said. Corrier della Sera.

Pictures showing the vortex passing through Cernesco sul Naviglio on the outskirts of the Lombard capital have been widely shared on social networks.

The hurricane caused extensive damage, particularly in Gessate and Gorgonzola, two other towns in the region, where roofs and trees were torn off.

With this extreme weather, the agricultural councilor of the Lombardy region has indicated that he will ask the Italian government to recognize the state of disaster, stating that “the fields must be close to the farms that saw destroyed crops in the process of a critical period”. Il Messaggero.

The wind is blowing at a speed of 200 km per hour

On the other side of the Alps, winds reached 200 km/h near Bergamo. No casualties have been reported so far, while local media reported some minor injuries.

Like the rest of Europe, Italy had a hot flash this week. A heatwave red alert has been issued for twenty cities. In Rome, the mercury touched 40°C on Wednesday, close to the previous record of 40.5°C since August 2007.

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