Siphon Filter 3 for PS5 and PS4, Ghost Trick Rated in Korea

Korea Game Evaluation and Management Committee has classified 3 . siphon filter for PlayStation 5 And the Playstation 4indicating Play Station The title will soon join the PlayStation Plus Classics catalog.

Developed by studio bendAnd the 3 . siphon filter It was first released for PlayStation on November 6, 2001 in North America and November 30, 2001 in Europe.

siphon filter And the 2 . siphon filter Already available as part of the PlayStation Plus Classics catalog, both Siphon filter: dark mirror And the Siphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow they were Previously classified in Korea.

game titled ghost trick Also rated in Korea:

Guts trick

The publisher is listed as Gambiawhich also deals with distribution to others Capcom Nicknames in Korea. The Resident Evil 4 The new version, published by Gamepia, is included in today’s rankings.

The ghost trick The classification code is “GC-CC-NP”, which is used for computer versions, while “GC-CC-NV” is used for console versions. However, the GG-CC-NP ratings occur separately from the GG-CC-NV ratings, even if the game is on multiple platforms. For example, today’s collection of GG-CC-NP-only reviews for multiplatform games includes Essence of Crisis: Final Fantasy VII ReunionAnd the Super Bomberman R2And the different daily lifeAnd the Sound of Cards: Beasts of BurdenAnd the Persona 3 PortableAnd the Park BeyondAnd the Pregnancy worshipand more.

The rating may refer to some kind of reissue Ghost Trick: The Phantom Detective I have planned. The adventure game It was originally launched for DS on June 19, 2010 in Japan, followed by January 11, 2011 in North America and January 14, 2011 in Europe. iOS version via App Store It followed on December 16, 2010 in Japan and on February 2, 2012 worldwide.

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