Six people, including a pregnant woman, were injured in a stabbing attack in Switzerland

An armed man attacked passers-by with a knife before being arrested in the northern Swiss town of Zofingen on Wednesday afternoon. Six people were injured, some seriously. A local newspaper reported that a pregnant woman was among the injured.

About six hours after the alert was issued and several hours after the assailant was arrested, police still have no indication of his identity or his motivation. In a message on social network X, the cantonal police noted that some of the injured suffered severe cuts.

Around 4 p.m., the man first attacked a passerby at the station in the city of 12,000 people, which is sixty kilometers south of Basel and about the same distance west of Zurich. He then walked off and attacked several people, apparently at random, before retreating into a house.

After about two hours, the man was arrested by the police after being contacted by the special team. Bernhard Grazer, cantonal police spokesman, said he was injured and taken to hospital.

He clarified daily Zofinger TagblattThat the assailant inflicted the injuries on himself.

Injured pregnant woman ‘doing fine’

Regional daily Argaur Jaitung Reveals testimony From a reader whose pregnant wife was allegedly assaulted by a stranger “with metallic substance”. wife “Injured in the face and suffering from swelling, but in good condition”, The husband told the press. He was taken to the Aarau Provincial Hospital, twenty kilometers from Zoffingen.

Police have registered a case for witnesses He asked people to send him videos and photos for further investigation purposes.

A large law enforcement body was deployed

Movies broadcast by Archawar Zeitung Show large scale deployment of police and emergency services. Specifically, police members can be seen wearing helmets, bulletproof vests and black 4X4s, carrying pistols on their belts.

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Other police officers, wearing helmets and bulletproof vests, rush out of the approaching vehicle with assault rifles. We also see several ambulances and a helicopter. The daily noted that the local football club, SC Zofingen, was forced to cancel its training sessions to clear the pitch so that the pitch could be leveled.

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