Solo let me finish the Elden ring with every enemy as Malenia

Let Me Solo Her, the Elden Ring player who beat Malenia hundreds of times for those who couldn’t beat the strongest boss in the game, proves once again that millions You should be afraid of it. Recently completed the Elden Ring with a mod that turns every enemy into it.

Last month, he sought after this challenge with a few rules, the first being that he can’t level up his activity, a perk that affects how much damage you can take, the next rule is to get the jar helmet, and finally, complete the game.
You can watch his journey, which is divided into five different parts, for yourself more than his own YouTube channel. as pointed out KotakuLet Me Solo Her computer crashed more than once due to how demanding the model was even though it was using an RTX 4080, a $1,200 graphics card.

But despite all his hardships, Let Me Solo Her managed to complete the challenge in about 10 hours. In a Twitter post, he explained how fun it was to run Malenia and how he died more times than he’d like to admit.

In an interview with IGN last year, Let Me Solo Her said a big reason he likes Malenia is because “all of her attacks are so graceful and she’s so ruthless as the boss. Her waterfowl dance is notorious.” [hardest] To avoid the combination of moves from the boss FromSoft yet, so I decided to prove to others that it was not impossible. “

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since then, He has defeated her over 1,000 times. Then, last July, Bandai Namco celebrated all of their efforts by sending them a real sword and items from the game.

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