Sony has just leaked the “Final Form” expansion for Destiny 2 early

It’s a disastrous morning for Bungie and the Destiny 2 community, as the massive expansion The Final Shape launches next Tuesday. It leaked early.

Exactly what happened is still being worked out, but this appears to be an issue with Sony PS5 streaming, as DLC was briefly made available through that service. It’s been nuked now, but the damage has already been done. (There are no spoilers in this article.)

The leak allowed some players to start the campaign, but what was more pressing was seeing a lot of information in the groups system, leading to story spoilers spreading online, which will no doubt soon include spamming them in threads, live stream chats, and even in… -The game, unfortunately that’s what always happens with this kind of thing. There are conflicting reports about how players will be able to get into the game, ranging from not making it through the first cutscene to (unconfirmed) reports of full playthroughs.

Part of the collections leak appears to be tweaks to the raid, which could overshadow what could be the highest-grossing raid race in Destiny’s history, as if you’re doing no If you learn about these leaks, you will be at an immediate disadvantage compared to those who have seen them, no matter how vague they may seem at the moment.

This is, without a doubt, one of the worst leaks and bugs I’ve ever seen, and it seems to be entirely based on Sony, as this is the only platform where this has happened and it’s related to their streaming function. The exact technical nature of how this will happen remains to be seen, but it is an issue that Sony must address immediately lest this happens elsewhere. There are other unconfirmed reports as of now that this may have made Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree playable, but I haven’t seen confirmation of that as with the final skin leak.

It’s hard to overstate how frustrating a leak like this is for Bungie, as so much hinges on the release of this expansion, the culmination of a ten-year saga.

The community seems to be mobilizing to clamp down on the spread of these leaks as much as possible, but the only real solution is to shut down the internet completely until Tuesday, as there are plenty of ways for these things to appear. All it takes is one comment, one line of chat, to ruin a plot point, and I’ve been here before with many different games. Stay online at all, and it’s almost impossible to avoid, especially when a leak is this big. And there are a lot of people who have a vendetta against Bungie and are happy to maliciously spread things like this.

terrible. We need to know exactly what happened here, and how we can avoid it in the future. But for Destiny 2, it’s too late.

to update: Confirmed leaks so far (no details):

  • The first scene and some dialogue
  • Collection information including weapons, raid equipment, raid mods, and knowledge tabs within them
  • Episode 1 Season Pass with existing gear.

More is coming.

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