South Korean cats have set fire to 107 homes in three years

For firefighters, cats are not the only animals that can get trapped in trees. They are also real dangers. The Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Management Agency (SMFDD), which monitors fires and other disasters in the South Korean capital, has released a truly staggering statistic: Between January 2019 and November 2021, 107 people survived the fire. Mentioned in Korean apartments … due to cats.

The most common accident is the accidental ignition of electric touch-operated hops: by striking them, the cats press some buttons with their pads. Although the risk of fire has multiplied, all they have to do is push the temperature to the maximum. Especially if an object or flammable liquid is not too far away.

South Korean officials, for example, advise not to drop pieces of paper – this also applies to paper rolls – get a new model, including the locking method, if possible near the trays. The problem has continued to worsen in recent years, and there has been no arrival of touch: in 2016, only eight fires were caused by electric hotplates, and in 2019 thirty-one. Most of them are said to have been caused by cats. SMFDD Report.

Beyond electric heating plates

CNN, Who is issuing this unexpected warning, Domestic fires caused by pets are not just in South Korea, they can actually cause them in all pets – except perhaps goldfish. According to the American Humanitarian Association (AH), which is dedicated to the welfare and protection of animals About 1,000 fires Each year they are induced by animals in their master’s or mistress’s home.

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The association also makes recommendations regarding electric heating plates. But his list of warnings does not end there: therefore, the AH recommends that some animals focus on charging cables and other electrical wires that they sometimes want to crush. Pet owners are strongly advised to exercise extra vigilance in the use of candles and fireplaces. You do not want your pet to catch fire and run around your house. It will not be good for him and you.

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