Street Fighter 6 Beta Bash Final Bout Live Streaming with Punk, NuckleDu, SonicFox, Nephew, Caba, ChrisT, Alex Myers, Brian_F, PerfectLegend, and more

With the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta kicking off this weekend, LI Joe has taken it upon himself to host a 256-player class for players interested in doing a pre-release tournament.

Notable names participating include Punk, NuckleDu, SonicFox, Nephew, and Bandits | Caba, ChrisT, Alex Myers, Brian_F, PerfectLegend, KizzieKay, Diaphone, PAR | FlashMetroid, LuiMan20, Joe Umerogan, Zaferino, and 4TW| SpaceBoy and many more.

The player count is 256, and it was filled with players from the various fighting game communities who joined together to play the Street Fighter 6 beta just a few weeks before the official release.

This is the same beta as the previous closed beta, which means the playable roster is limited to Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Juri, Ken, Luke, Jamie, and Kimberly.

It is a one day event so once the event starts it will continue until a winner is crowned. With this being a great opportunity to get

is being broadcasted in This is L.I. Joe.

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