Submarine goes missing near Titanic: US Navy finds its explosion on Sunday

According to an anonymous source in the US Navy, a tool “Top Secret” The submarine, which is dedicated to detecting and tracking submarines, recorded a sound signal suspected to be the Titan’s explosion just hours after it was reported missing near the wreck of the Titanic on Sunday.

“The U.S. Navy analyzed the acoustic data and found an anomaly consistent with an explosion or explosion in the area where the Titan was operating when communications were lost”an official told the Wall Street Journal.

These elements made it possible to move around the excavation area

The U.S. Navy immediately relayed this information to officials planning the search, a source told CNN, making it possible for the elements to circle the excavation area.

Several planes, ships and special robots from several countries have been mobilized for days to find the five passengers in the machine, but without success.

A “The Junkyard” Found near the wreck of the Titanic “Corresponding to a catastrophic eruption” Aboard the submarines, the US Coast Guard announced Thursday, it confirmed their deaths and ended the search.

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