“Succession” star Nicholas Brown discusses “boom” cast reactions to the series finale

Nicholas Browne is just like us – totally unwilling to end the “Khilafah”.

It was only recently announced that HBO’s flagship series, which follows the wealthy Logan Roy family and their internal struggle for power, is coming to an end. For Brown, who plays Cousin Greg on the TV phenomenon, that news was hard to digest.

“That was kind of a big deal,” ET said At the Independent Spirit Film Awards on Sunday.

“We were expecting it while we were doing the show, but you don’t believe it until Jesse says it,” he added, referring to showrunner Jesse Armstrong. “We are all so surprised. I was sad as hell my last day.”

Brown has become well known in Hollywood for his heartwarming cast. Introduced in the first episode in 2018, Greg is a distant relative of the wealthy Roys – until his need for a job brings him into the fold and makes him a conniving member of the family business.

“I finished two weeks ago, and it was a really tough day, you know, saying goodbye to everyone,” Brown told the outlet. “It was the greatest work experience of my life. So saying goodbye to these people was really hard.”

“We had an idea,” Brown told ET about how the series finale, which is set to air in May, will end. “None of us read the script before it got to us—a schedule came to us to read the draft—so we didn’t know exactly how it was going to turn out. Anyway, the end is fire.”

While neither cast has spilled any secrets (and it’s unlikely they will), Brown isn’t the only cast member to have emotional feelings about the finale. Jeremy Strong, who portrays Kendall, the root cause of the Roy family, he told GQ last month that the ending “feels like death in a way.”

Meanwhile, Brown has taken on other projects, most recently starring in Cat Person, which debuted at Sundance this year. While he’s sad to see “Succession” go, he knows fans can’t get enough of Greg – and he promises the final season won’t disappoint.

“He’s been beaten again this season,” he told ET. “Some fun stuff.”

“Caliphate” Season 4 premieres at 9 p.m. ET March 26 on HBO.

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