“Take No More Prisoners”: Prigogine’s Shocking Instruction to Wagner’s Soldiers at Bachmouth

At first glance, this announcement is surprising. Evguéni Prigojine, the boss of the Wagner group, asked his men not to be involved in the Bakhmout front. “Take No Prisoners”, in this commune of Donbass in eastern Ukraine, the longest battle of the war is currently taking place. The head of this pro-Russian paramilitary organization, deeply upset, spoke in an audio message published on Telegram by his press service, saying that one of his fighters had been executed by Ukrainians, details of which can be found in the head’s diary. of the article.

First mention “Laws of Humanity” The same goes for the POW, who wants to stay “Treated, not mutilated, then sent home” During an exchange, he urged them “Don’t break these rules”. Finally before giving a cool instruction: “We don’t know the name of our wounded boy who was shot by bad Ukrainians, we will kill everyone on the battlefield and take no prisoners”Started by this sulfur merchant, known to be close to the Kremlin.

He was responding to another audio recording posted on a Telegram account in support of Wagner and presented as a conversation between Ukrainian soldiers ordering the execution of a captured fighter from a paramilitary group.

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