Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ music video appears to have been remixed to a single platform amid backlash


Backlash against one moment in Taylor SwiftThe “Anti-Hero” music video for “Anti-Hero” appears to have prompted an edit on at least one platform.

Fans of eagle-eyed Swift note that Apple Music’s version of the Grammy-winning video, from her tenth album “Midnights,” no longer includes a controversial moment that featured the word “fat” widely.

The video, written and directed by the singer, is intended to depict Swift’s “nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts,” she says. Instagram.

The scene that angered some viewers shows Swift in the bathroom weighing herself on a scale while her inner critic (also played by Swift) looks on.

A close-up of the scale reveals the word “FAT” instead of showing a number, and the deteriorated Swift looks down The other Swift shook her head in disappointment.

The video release on Apple Music is no longer limited to the word, a moment some body positivity advocates are championing Interpreted as a phobia of fats.

CNN has reached out to Apple as well as representatives for Swift for comment.

The youtube version From the music video the controversial scene still appears as of Wednesday afternoon.

Swift has already mentioned it Past battles with eating disorders and body struggles.

In her 2020 documentary “Miss Americana,” Swift said the unflattering photos and unflattering comments about her character “sometimes drive me a little hungry — just stop eating.”

The controversy over the video has reached “The View,” with co-host Sunny Houston telling critics “missed the point. ”

Regardless, the controversy appears to have had little effect on the album’s popularity. Swift’s new album, released on October 21, has sold more than 1.2 million albums in the United States within its first three days of release, according to paintingQuoted from music data company Luminate. Preliminary sales figures include any pre-orders.

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Swift has become too Spotify’s most popular artist In a 24 hour period thanks to “midnight”.

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