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Due to a lightning warning, Nashville’s Nissan Stadium issued a shelter-in-place Sunday night (May 7) just an hour before Taylor Swift’s first concert of the evening, Gracie Abrams, was scheduled to take the stage for that night’s Eras Tour concert.



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“For those at Nissan Stadium, please proceed to the sheltering areas as directed by the staff. Please remain calm and proceed to the covered and indoor areas of the stadium.” The place was first published Severe weather alert on social media at 5:40 p.m. local time.

At this time, lightning is approaching Nissan Stadium. Please move to covered areas of the concourses, ramps, or shelter areas as directed by stadium officials. All guests are currently in cars, please remain in your vehicle. If you are currently approaching the entrance to Nissan Stadium, please move Quickly to any open gate and seek shelter immediately,” continued Nissan, an outdoor playground, in Another tweet.

the stadium Then publish it: “Hold on there, Swifties! We appreciate your patience as we wait for this storm to pass. More updates to come. PS Keep singing your favorite songs in the lobby! We all hear you and love it!”

By 6:57 p.m. CET, Nissan Stadium reported that the Swift’s start date is expected to be pushed back.

“Due to lightning in the area, Nissan Stadium will remain under shelter in place until the current storm passes,” the tweet read. “We expect Taylor Swift to take the stage at a late start. More information will be released ASAP.”

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painting A Swift representative was reached Sunday night and will keep this report updated.

On the Eras Tour, Swift would historically take the stage around 7:50pm or soon after. Its three-plus-hour set follows two openers (on this night, it was meant to be Abrams and Phoebe Bridgers). Sunday night’s show is the last of three Nashville tour dates on her IRAAS schedule, then she heads to Philadelphia next weekend.

At 7:54 PM local time on Sunday, Swift checked in with fans on social mediaSharing live concert photos from this weekend. She performed at the venue on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Even though we have one last show in Nashville tonight, I have to post these pics… It was wild. I announced Speak Now (my novel) is coming 7/7, and I got to perform “Nothing New” with the genius chief. / baby angel face @phoebebridgers for the first time, and I was so moved by this generous and beautiful crowd in Nashville!!!! I can’t believe it. PS: I know there’s been talk of rainy weather tonight but I’m ready to play, see you soon!!” she wrote in the update.

At 9:03 p.m., the venue posted an update on Twitter indicating that the show may continue: “We are still shelter in place for your safety. You will see production in action as we prepare for the show. Please stay under covered areas. We’ll keep you posted when you can enter again.” Go to the stadium and head to your seat.”

At 9:27 p.m., fans on site reported that venue staff let them go to their seats.

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after minutes, Nissan Stadium confirmed That the production was moving forward: “Leave it all now! Meet me in the pouring rain! The Shelter in Place is officially lifted! Fans, please start making your way safely to your seats. As soon as the production is over, Taylor Swift will hit the stage!”

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