Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have risen in recent hours

The front is reviving in Ukraine: Russian strikes have doubled in intensity over the past several days, and the Ukrainians are also stepping up their drone strikes.

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Representatives of diplomatic missions in Ukraine inspect a downed Russian drone in Kiev.  (SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP)

Since Monday, May 1, Washington has recorded 145 Russian attacks on Ukrainian territory, according to statistics provided by the US State Department. Almost 30 a day. Most of the time the famous Shaheed, Iranian-made kamikaze drones, are launched at civilian targets. The city is also under curfew from Friday to Monday, May 5 – a train station and a supermarket in Kherson in the south. A shelter in Odessa. An administrative building in Dniepro. A fuel depot in Kropyvnytskyi. No region was spared, the capital was also targeted, but the anti-aircraft defense system worked well.

The front revived and above all the death toll rose. Although the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has imposed a total blackout, the Russians’ surge in action can be explained by the fact that the Ukrainian counteroffensive has been preparing for weeks – even months. You can tell where and when it will happen.

The Russians are flexing their muscles

A series of two drones sent to the Kremlin on Wednesday – to attempt to assassinate Vladimir Putin – may be part of this strategy. As Moscow prepares for May 9 celebrations marking the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany, it is a perfect excuse for bloody revenge. On the Red Square of the Russian President.

The Ukrainians, for their part, are increasing their strikes on Russian territory. It has never been this high since the war began 14 months ago. Always of course in the border regions of Ukraine or Crimea. Bombings of refineries thanks to Turkish-made Baraktiyar drones and, above all, sabotage: a high-voltage line collapsed, a freight train derailed by an explosive device planted on the tracks. Alone, these actions are not decisive, but they will weaken the Russian military’s supply chains. Kyiv, which has always welcomed them unclaimed, is counting on their psychological effect to establish in public opinion that Russians are no longer safe on their own territory.

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