Tensor G5 development is progressing at TSMC for the Pixel 10

In July of 2023, it was definitively reported that Google was switching from Samsung to TSMC for the Tensor G5, and today’s additional confirmation shows that work toward the Pixel 10 is continuing.

the information Reports last year mentioned how Google was originally trying to have its “first fully customized chip” in 2024. Deadlines for the “Redondo” chip were missed even after features were cut, with focus shifting to 2025 and “Laguna” – codenames For the chip. Beach themed.

The so-called ‘Tensor G5’ is said to be based on TSMC’s 3nm manufacturing process and uses built-in Fan-Out technology to reduce thickness and increase power efficiency.

Robot body Today I shared an announcement/description from a trade database confirming the nature of TSMC and InFO_PoP:

G313-09488-00 IC, SOC, LGA, A0, OTP,V1, InFO POP, NPI-OPEN,CP1/2/3 & FT1/2 & SLT TEST, TSMC, 16GB SEC, BGA-1573,1.16MM

At the bottom it is Aa An annotated breakdown of what it all means:

It’s worth noting that this early revision of the chip has Samsung’s 16GB of RAM, like the Pixel 9 Pro. More RAM is needed to support on-device generated AI, such as the Gemini Nano and its upcoming multimedia capabilities.

It is also interesting how Google in Taiwan was the exporter and Tessolve Semiconductor (chip verification and testing provider) in India was the importer. Like TSMC, Google has a significant hardware engineering presence in Taiwan, while a report last year noted that the majority of Tensor silicon engineers are based in India.

InFO_PoP, the industry’s first 3D wafer-level stack, features high RDL and TIV density to combine the AP stack with DRAM for mobile applications. Compared with FC_PoP, InFO_PoP has a thinner profile and better electrical and thermal performance due to the absence of organic substrate and C4 extrusion.


If development had gone according to plan, the new chips would have coincided with the Pixel 9’s new design language to underscore the fact that Google has a new generation of phones.

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Instead, the Tensor G4 is said to be a minor upgrade still made by Samsung. This delay puts an asterisk on this year’s phone lineup. The new design and features may be compelling, but waiting another year for a better chip will be on people’s minds.

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