The 2023 Oscar-winning documentary “Navalny” aired on France 5


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The day Navalny was poisoned

A 2022 documentary on the adversary, Alexei Navalny, looks back on the poisoning he suffered in 2020.

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As Russians vote in a March 15-17 presidential election, a documentary revisits the journey of Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin's No. 1 foe, who died in prison at the age of 47.

“If they assassinate you, if they win, what message do you want to send to the Russian people?” This question was asked to Alexei Navalny As a prelude to Daniel Rohr's 2022 documentary dedicated to the Russian enemy, today takes on another dimension. Similar to the person's answer: “No, that's not possible. It's like you're making a documentary about my death.” Since February 16, the day Alexei Navalny died In a remote Arctic penal colony, where he was serving a nineteen-year sentence for “extremism.”, These words resonate dramatically.

Navalny, Canada's Daniel Rohr, the 2023 Oscar for Best Documentary, airs on France 5, Sunday March 17 at 9:05 p.m. It chronicles the political rise of Alexei Navalny, his fight against Vladimir Putin, but an assassination attempt by a chemical agent produced by the Russian military, in 2020, in which the dissident did not survive. The film also reveals details of a conspiracy involving the Russian president. Images of the day Navalny was poisoned and his wife's confirmation.

Feeling unwell during the flight

In August 2020, when Alexei Navalny flew to Tomsk, In Siberia, returning home to Moscow, he felt ill in the passenger compartment. He was quickly hospitalized in critical condition and put into an induced coma. The incident was immediately publicized, and under camera his wife Yulia Navalnaya rushed to his bedside. However, it is forbidden to see him in the hospital. She suspects, uncertainly, an assassination attempt, and fears for her husband's life inside the hospital. “We demand the immediate release of Alexei because as I speak to you, there are more police and government agents in this hospital than doctors.” Then Yulia Navalnaya declared in front of witnesses.

“Because Alexey was alone [à l’hôpital]I thought the FSB and Putin would take advantage of this situation and do everything they could to ensure his death.”

Yulia Navalnaya

In “Navalni”.

Russian doctors vehemently declare that there are no toxic substances in Alexei Navalny's body. “Based on the fact that no poison was found in his blood or other body fluids, we concluded that he suffered from hypoglycemia,” At the time, said Alexander Murakovsky, chief emergency physician of the Tomsk hospital. Various Russian media, backed by the Kremlin, have given more or less fanciful reasons for Putin's adversary's depression: hallucinogenic drugs, illegal American antidepressants, or the consumption of adulterated alcohol or cocaine.

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A documentary looks at the 2020 poisoning of Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin's number one enemy.

How Navalny's wife transferred him to a German hospital

A documentary looks at the 2020 poisoning of Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin's number one enemy.

(CNN Film – HBO MAX)

Novichok poison

Yulia Navalnaya increasingly believes that her husband was poisoned. Officials and doctors eventually agreed to let her see her husband. “I knew they were all lying to me and I had to do everything I could to get him out of there.” She believes in documentary. The international community has been watching the issue closely, and at the time German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her readiness to welcome Alexei Navalny. But Russian doctors have objected to his transfer due to his health condition. “We believe the transfer was denied to allow time for the poison to clear from Alexey's body.” He supports his opponent's wife during a press conference in front of the hospital.

After some time, doctors agreed that Alexei Navalny should be hospitalized in Berlin. German trainers confirm that he was indeed poisoned with Novichok, a toxic agent implicated in attacks against other opponents of the Russian government. A thesis that Vladimir Putin has always denied.

Documentary Navalny, Directed by Daniel Rohr, aired March 17 at 9:05pm on France 5 and

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