The alleged “Dancing for the Devil” villain was investigated by cops, and the cases were closed


“Dancing for the Devil” doc.

The alleged villain was investigated by the cops…

Cases closed, no fees

The alleged villain portrayed in Netflix’s “Dancing for the Devil” has been the subject of two previous criminal investigations, but neither resulted in any charges… TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us that two cases of sexual assault have been filed Robert Sheen He reported it to the LAPD in August 2023 — which tracks what’s covered in the doc… with some of his accusers coming forward and indicating they’ve gone to the cops.

We are told that one of the cases was brought by a former 7M member Kylie Douglas, whose story appears in the document. Our sources say the LAPD conducted an investigation, and the case eventually reached the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

Another case was filed and submitted to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office as well last August – but we’re told they ultimately dismissed both cases in April of this year – citing insufficient evidence and significant reporting delays as reasons for not bringing any charges.

Shinn was thrust into the spotlight with the recent release of the document…which described his organization as a “7M TikTok Cult” and raised concerns about the dancer Miranda DerekHis involvement with Shinn and his company. He’s been called BS over these accusations.

Derek pushed herself back Against allegations of her being brainwashed or controlled by Shane… calling her BS and suggesting she’s perfectly fine.

The document details how Shinn’s management company supervised several popular dancers on TikTok — and includes allegations from former dancers who say Shinn demanded a significant portion of their income and isolated them from their family and friends.

Like we said… Shinn has categorically denied all of the allegations in the doc — and has even filed a defamation lawsuit against the accusers who appeared in the series as well.

On the law enforcement side, they didn’t find any evidence there either.

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