The author of the July 2 murder in Abhims was arrested by the police on Tuesday morning

A man suspected of being responsible for a murder in Les Abymes on July 2 was arrested this morning. The police took all necessary steps to arrest the person. The judicial police went with a raid squad for this intervention in Baie-Mahault district. The DIPJ was in charge of the Regional Directional File of the Judicial Police.

The man jumped out of bed and was arrested. He is suspected of being responsible for a murder earlier in the month in Abhims. This morning, the RAID intervention platoon is moving in single file in this part of the town of Baie-Mahault. An intervention that took everyone in the neighborhood by surprise. Purpose is a part apartment. This elite unit of the National Police is accompanied by judicial police officers. The Pointe-à-Pitre Prosecutor’s Office handed the file of this tragic news to PJ. Investigators worked tirelessly for ten days to track down this criminal and find him.

Active RAID people


Raid’s support is essential. Note that on the night of July 2nd, the man did not hesitate to shoot at a party at the Grand Camp in Les Abymes. A party described by authorities as “secret”. A 23-year-old man collapsed. He suffered severe chest injuries. In cardio-respiratory arrest, emergency services were unable to revive him. It is indeed suspected to be a shooting.

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The person arrested this morning also underwent medical treatment. First by Raid’s doctor, then by the services of the University Hospital of Guadalupe. He reportedly injured his leg during the shoot. It’s been 10 days… The investigation continues to determine the cause of this shooting.

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