‘The Batman’ Wings $5.3 Million Offshore, Sets WB Records – Deadline

Warner Bros./Capital‘s Batman It just started spreading its wings outside, and started running International box office total $5.3 million Over two days and only eight markets. The Matt Reeves-Orientation Robert Patterson– Starer adds 47 markets today and 19 more markets on Friday.

After debuting at $1.7 million in Korea Tuesday — and taking advantage of a public holiday there — marked Warner Bros.’ best launch day during the pandemic, the second best Batman film appearance since then. The Dark Knight Risesand the best industry in the country for 2022 so far.

The offering continued Wednesday with France Starting at $1.4 million. Including previews, the market price is $2.1 million which is the best opening of the year and the biggest pandemic opening for a Warner Bros. movie out there. The results are at the same level as The Dark Knightand before Dune (+42%) and Aquaman (+72%).

at SwedenAnd the Batman Earnings totaled $414K on Wednesday’s opening day, which is a good 28% more than The Dark Knight And more than double that of Dune.

Indonesia gave Batman 91% market share on Wednesday with $362K for the best Batman appearance ever, as well as the WB’s best pandemic appearance.

Belgium It brought $193,000 to Gotham with PLFs representing 42% of opening day. The results are on par with The Dark Knight and 42% more Dune.

The numbers are generally encouraging as we head into the weekend on what was a much-anticipated movie. There are still Covid headwinds to consider: which parts of Western Australia are affected and which parts of Western Australia are dealing with flooding.

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As always, once we get into the ubiquitous weekend, we’ll have a better look.

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