The best intraday prospects for 2023

MLB Pipeline will reveal its Top 100 Predictions for 2023 at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, January 26, with a one-hour show on MLB Network. and Prior to the release of the Top 100 Players, we will examine the top 10 prospective baseball players at each position.

Even with some major graduations, the crop of attracting prospects runs pretty deep.

The top two from last year’s list, Adley Rutschman and Gabriel Moreno, are no longer prospects. A little later on last year’s top 10 list, Joey Bart, Luis Camposano, MJ Melendez, and Shea Langlers all fell short of expectations. But the list below has been replenished with some exciting new names.

He starts, of course, with one of the best overall prospects in the game, the Mets’ Francisco Alvarez, and the roster has a nice mix of draft picks (six) and international spots (four). There are a host of first-round picks (four) and post-round catches, high price tags in the international market and some real bargains that have jumped on the map since joining the pro ranks.

top ten (eta)
1. Francisco Alvarez, Mets (2023)
2. Diego Cartaia, Dodgers (2024)
3. Kevin Parada, Mets (2025)
4. Harry Ford, Mariners (2025)
5. Logan Ohope, The Angels (2023)
6. Andy Rodriguez, Pirates (2023)
7. Henry Davis, Pirates (2024)
8. Bo Naylor, Guardians (2023)
9. Drew Romo, The Rockies (2024)
10- Edgar Coiro, Angels (2025)
full list”

Top 10 odds by position:
RHP | LHP | c
Thursday: 1 b
Friday: 2 a.m
24/1: S.M
1/25: OF
1/26: Top 100

Strength: Alvarez (70)
There is probably no other baseball prospect with more power than Alvarez, both raw and in action. He hit 24 homers as a teenager in A’s ball in 2021, then another 27 as a 20-year-old in the senior levels last year. His whip-like swing and bat speed would go on to produce plenty of home runs in the big leagues.

Running: Ford (60)
Ford, the Mariners’ first-round pick in 2021, is not “doing well for her.” His extra speed plays on the bases—he passed out 23 bases in his first full season—and he’s athletic enough to play second base or center field if ever needed.

Arm: Davis (70)
As he continues to work on improving other parts of his defensive game, there are no questions asked with Arm Davis, who may be the strongest prospect at any position. He plays well with his quick foot and his transfer, as well as his accuracy.

Field: Romo (60)
Romo also has an extra throw out arm that goes along with his other notable defensive attributes. He is athletic and agile behind the board with good hands and blocking skills. Rocky’s pitchers also liked to throw at him.

Top cap: Alvarez
An argument can be made for Cartaya’s status and general skill set here, but if Alvarez can be even a regular wide receiver, his offensive rise should make him a multi-time All-Star.

Rookie of the Year: Alvarez
Assuming he hits enough at bats in New York, it’s easy to see Alvarez putting up those kind of numbers to catch the eye of plenty of Republican-era voters.

The highest elevation: Quero
The hitter wasn’t in the Angels’ Top 30 at the end of the 2021 season, but he jumped up the radar with a very strong full-season appearance in 2022 that saw him finish with a 0.965 OPS.

Humble start: Rodriguez
Rodriguez signed for just $10,000 with the Mets back in July 2018 and is now knocking on the door of the big league after a massive 2022 season that saw him reach Triple-A in his second season with the Pirates since coming on a three-team deal. He sent Joe Musgrove to the Padres.

Most Proof: Davis
There’s always a hotter light on former #1 overall picks, and Davis has shown plenty of glimpses of his offensive potential in his first full season in 2022, but he’s also only played 59 games due to wrist problems. A full healthy season should answer a lot of questions.

stay tuned: Winner DiazAstros
He reached the major leagues briefly in 2022, but came off a huge offensive season in the Minors (.306/.356/.542 with 25 homers and 96 RBIs in Double- and Triple-A). This is nothing new as he has done nothing but succeed in his career, with the .321/.358/.510 line to prove it.

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