The Biden administration has sued the state of Texas over an anti-immigration ban

The conflict between Washington and Texas continues. Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of this state in the south of the United States, refused on Monday, July 24, to remove the floating barrier installed on the Rio Grande to prevent the crossing of immigrants from Mexico. In response, the Justice Department sued Texas.

The ministry alerted Greg Abbott’s services last week that the large orange floats parked near Eagle Pass were obstructing the passage of the river. He also mentioned that they are not recognized by the central government. “This floating barrier represents a danger to navigation and public safety on the Rio Grande.”The ministry also mentioned “Humanitarian Concerns”.

In a letter to US President Joe Biden, the Republican governor responded on Monday that he has the power to protect interests. “Kings” Texas by installing these floats. Greg Abbott also accused Joe Biden of failing in his own responsibilities regarding illegal immigration.

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“If you really value human life, you need to start enforcing federal immigration laws.”He wrote. “By doing this, you can help me prevent migrants from risking their lives in the waters of the Rio Grande.”He added, and to conclude: “Texas gives you a court appointment, Mr. President. »

Immigrants are trapped

Mr. Hours after Abbott’s letter was published, the Justice Department filed suit against Texas and its governor. He says in the speech that the state of Texas must get approval before placing any structures on the Rio Grande, and has asked the courts to order the removal of the floats.

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A floating barrier has been erected in Eagle Pass, Texas.  July 18, 2023.

“We all need to recognize that there are laws and policies – domestic and international – to ensure the safety of anyone who works, lives or travels on the river. These laws cannot be ignored.”Jaime Esparza, a federal prosecutor in Austin, the capital of Texas, underscored in a press release.

Buoys were installed on the Rio Grande this month, with barbed wire lining the banks. According to several American media, migrants were found trapped in this fence and had to be rescued. A leaked Border Patrol document also claims barbed wire installed by Texas state agents is hampering its operations.

For years, conservative elected officials have been angered by the influx of illegal immigrants. Both Donald Trump and his main challenger for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, have put the idea of ​​an unrestricted border at the center of their campaigns.

But the Biden administration counters that the number of illegal crossings has dropped since the new asylum rules were introduced.

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