The Boeing plane skidded off the runway, injuring at least 10 people

A Boeing 737 skidded off the runway at an airport in the Senegalese capital, injuring at least 11 people and halting all operations while the crew helped evacuate the plane.

The Air Senegal flight operated by Transair was scheduled to take off from Blaise Diani Airport in the country’s capital, Dakar, and head to the city of Bamako in Mali on Thursday around midnight when the plane “went off the runway during the take-off phase.” Senegalese Transport Minister Malick Ndiaye told reporters.

The plane skidded onto the grass surrounding the runway, where the crew was able to deploy the side exit ramps and remove passengers from the plane as it began to burn.

“Our plane just caught fire at Belize Diani airport,” said Cheikh Sirimane Sissoko, a Malian musician. he wrote in a Facebook post Along with a video of rescue crews helping passengers evacuate the plane. An orange glow appears under the plane.

FAA launches new investigation into Boeing after company missed some inspections of 787 Dreamliner planes

The plane was carrying 79 passengers, two pilots and four cabin crew members, according to Ndiaye. The airport opened an investigation to determine the causes of the accident. The Independent reported.

“Carriers have been operating and maintaining their aircraft for 30-40-plus years,” Boeing said in a statement to FOX Business, referring to TransAir for further questions but assuring the company would “provide any support needed to our customers.”

The plane in question was first delivered 30 years ago to Romanian company TAROM before being leased by TransAir starting this year. According to plane spotters. The plane had previously suffered a tail problem during take-off, but was returned to service a month later.

United said it lost $200 million due to the temporary grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX 9

Boeing has suffered heavy media bruising over the past few months after several incidents came under intense scrutiny, including one in which a door plug on an Alaska Airlines plane exploded mid-flight in January.

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The informant testifies that Boeing produces defective planes, and says he has received physical threats

Just this week, a FedEx plane was forced to land without using its front landing gear. In this case, the pilots were able to keep the plane on the runway.

FedEx said in a statement to Reuters that it is coordinating with the investigation and “will provide additional information as it becomes available.”

Boeing plane accident

A general view of the control tower at Blaise Diani International Airport in Senegal on Thursday. (Celo/AFP via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Family members of victims killed in Boeing-related accidents I started demanding accountability For previous incidents, such as the case of Nadia Milliron, whose daughter died in the 2019 Boeing plane crash, arguing that “executives made these decisions, and they should be personally responsible.”

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“The executives should be held accountable, personally, because that is what makes behavior change at Boeing,” Nadia Milliron said. “People should face up to…their decisions.” “Fox and friends” Last month.

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FOX Business’ Breck Dumas, Lawrence Richard and Madeleine Coggins contributed to this report.

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