The capabilities of the Apple headset are said to exceed those of competing devices

The Wall Street Journal Friday Outlined what to expect from his long-rumored AR/VR headset project, confirming many details he reported previously bloombergMark Gorman W the informationWhere is what?

The report indicates that Apple plans to unveil the headset at WWDC in June, and says that many of the sessions at the conference will be related to developing software for the headset. However, the news agency claims that mass production of the handset is not expected to begin until September due to manufacturing delays. Apple is said to “expect some production issues” with the headset, but there are no specifics.

The headset is expected to have an internal screen for virtual reality, while external cameras allow users to see the real world inside the headset with augmented reality overlays. This mixture is known as “mixed reality”.

Other details confirmed by the report include that the headset is “experimental” and “unconventional” compared to most other Apple products, costs about $3,000, and has an external battery attached to the waist. The report adds that FaceTime, Apple Fitness +, and gaming could be three main use cases for the headset.

While it’s not yet clear what the biggest selling point of the speaker is, its capabilities “far exceed those of competitors,” according to some of the sources mentioned in the report. Apple’s headset is said to offer “higher levels of performance and immersion” than some competing devices, such as Facebook parent company Meta’s Quest Pro headset.

WWDC kicks off with Apple’s keynote on June 5, which means Apple’s headset is likely just weeks away from being revealed to the public.

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