The Dragon's Dogma 2 trailer is the latest example of a strange trend

picture: Capcom

Publishers are always trying to find the best way to sell the latest games to players. This usually takes the form of a flashy trailer that shows off the game's mechanics and story. But recently, a new approach has emerged: using respected British actors to explain a game to fans. It's strange Partial trendand the latest game to do just that is CapcomComing Dragon's Doctrine 2will be released on March 22, which you can explain to you Ian McShane In the latest Tractor.

The name McShane may sound familiar to you. The prolific actor has starred in shows like Dead wood And American GodsAnd he had a supporting role in John Wick films. But his latest credit, thanks to Capcom and PlayStation, is a trailer for Dragon's Doctrine 2. It's a great way to learn about a medieval fantasy RPG, full of complex lore. At nearly eight minutes, it's a long saga in which McShane goes over the basics of the game's story, world, and combat mechanics in a helpful crash course for potential buyers.


McShane quickly goes over the game's basic premise: the protagonist needs to confront a giant dragon that has been plaguing the lands for countless years. He then spends most of the trailer highlighting the real stars Dragon's Doctrine 2And the world and play. Accompanied by McShane's voice, we see fantastic vistas that players will need to traverse as well as introducing mechanics such as different professions and the pawn system that players will use to defend themselves against dangerous enemies.

But while being exposed to all this information would normally be yawn-inducing, hearing it in McShane's deep, melodic voice, which is known for its excellent use of the poetic dialogue of… Dead woodSomehow it makes it go smoother. It is worth noting that this is not the first time a game has taken this approach this year. Back in January, Tekken 8 He ran with the same idea through recruiting Succession a star Brian Cox To star in a video called “Story So Far,” which summarizes the complex rivalries found in the fighting game series. And you know what? This video is also great to watch! It makes years of story palatable for newcomers, as well as providing the best possible refresher for returning fans. McShane Dragon's Doctrine 2 The trailer plays out in the same way, making me want to dive into Capcom's RPG even more than I already have.

The lesson to be learned here is that every video game trailer should conform to this trend. He brought Anthony Hopkins to tell me about it Metaphor: rifantasio!

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