The emotional confrontation between Gisele Bündchen and the cops is as frustrating as it is heartbreaking

Earlier this week, a clip from Model Gisele Bündchen being She was pulled over by the police It got some attention online. But what surprised everyone in the video was not her stopping, but her crying and wiping her tears instead.

One day later, on April 25, Body camera footage obtained by WPLG Local 10 Reveal what really happened between the model and the Surfside PD officer. After she opened the window, Bündchen explained that her traffic violation occurred only because she was “trying to get away from that guy,” referring to the paparazzi who were chasing her.

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But the officer was not as helpful as I expected. “There's nothing I can do about it,” he said, adding that he would “pay you a courtesy” and not give her a ticket.

“Thank you, I was just trying to get away from this guy,” she repeated. “I understand who you are,” the officer replied. “There's nothing I can do about it.”

Bündchen received no help, and continued to stress how dangerous the situation was. “But it's like he's stalking me,” she said. As a reminder, Bündchen lives in Miami with her children Benjamin, 14, and daughter Vivienne, 11.

After providing his first useful piece of information, the officer asked the Brazilian model to “report it to Miami Beach, because she was coming from Miami Beach.”

After looking at the photographers again, she started crying. “I'm so tired, everywhere I go, I'm chasing these damn men,” she said. “Nothing can protect me. I can't do anything. I just want to live my life!”

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“I can't stop them from doing their job, which is taking pictures,” the office replied, and Bündchen appeared to laugh. “I don’t know how this is allowed,” she added.

Online, people seem to have mixed feelings about the difficult-to-watch clip. One user “Some laws need to be passed against this to protect public safety.”

Another user wrote: “Sorry, not sorry, it's the price of fame.” “You traded in your beauty that made you rich and famous, married someone even more famous and live in a very exclusive neighborhood.”

Sure, having the paparazzi after you comes with fame, but being stalked and exposed certainly doesn't. Our thoughts are with Bündchen and her family now, and we only hope they are safe!

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