The first waves of migrant arrests after the first expulsions to Rwanda

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, behind controversial anti-immigration legislation.
Toby Melville/AFP

The British Parliament last week adopted controversial legislation that would allow the deportation of illegal immigrants to Rwanda.

“The first irregular settlers to be evicted to Rwanda The arrests followed a series of nationwide operations this week.The Home Ministry wrote in a press release, without specifying the number of people involved.

More arrests “To be implemented in the coming weeks”, he adds. Along with its press release, the ministry released photos and video of law enforcement officers arresting migrants. “This move is an important part of the plan to ensure flights to Rwanda in the next nine to eleven weeks.”The ministry continued.

Rishi is Sunak “Glad the Ministry of Home Affairs has taken these steps”Welcomed by his spokesperson “A key element in the implementation of the plan is to avoid flights within nine to 11 weeks and ensure effective deterrence.” To prevent crossing the canal in small boats. Mr Sunak's Conservative government has pledged to end these crossings for illegal immigrants. More than 7,500 have arrived since the beginning of the year, a historic record for the first four months of the year.

First Voluntary Departure

Parliament last week adopted a highly controversial law that would allow some of these migrants to be deported to Rwanda. Their asylum application will be considered in the East African country and they will not be able to return to the UK regardless of the outcome. The government plans to begin evacuations in early summer.

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This principle “I will make it clear that if you come here illegally, you cannot stay.”The Ministry of Home Affairs reiterated this in its press release. “Our teams (…) are working at a rapid pace to quickly stop those who have no right to be here, so we can get planes off the ground”, Home Minister James Wise declared, as quoted in the press release. Commercial flights have been booked, the ministry said. On Tuesday the government indicated it hoped for extradition to Rwanda “by the end of the year” A group of 5,700 already identified.

According to British media, a first migrant was deported to Rwanda on Monday, but as part of another program, on a voluntary basis. Offered 3,000 pounds (about 3,500 euros), the migrant agreed to travel to the East African country on a commercial flight after his asylum claim was rejected. The announcement of the migrant arrests comes just two days ahead of local elections in England and Wales, in which the Conservatives face heavy losses.

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