The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for two Russian officials

The International Criminal Court (ICC) announced on Tuesday that it had issued arrest warrants against a lieutenant general and an admiral of the Russian army on suspicion of crimes committed in Ukraine on March 5. These two officers “Sergey Kopilach and Viktor Sokolov”The Court, sitting in The Hague (Netherlands), noted that these proceedings were factual. “Committed between at least October 10, 2022 and at least March 9, 2023”. Follow our live stream.

Emmanuel Macron calls on Kiev's allies to “not be cowards”. “War is back on our soil, unstoppable forces expanding the threat every day” And “We must live up to history and the courage it represents”Emmanuel Macron made the announcement on Tuesday during his visit to Prague (Czech Republic). Also, one of the objectives of this visit is to address His Czech partner, Petr Pavel, was the extent of Paris's contribution to a Czech effort aimed at buying ammunition outside the European Union, then supplying it to the Ukrainian military.

The debate on Ukraine will be held in the National Assembly on March 12. The debate will be followed by a vote, Franceinfo Politburo learned from parliamentary sources on Tuesday. The debate was announced after Emmanuel Macron's controversial comments on sending ground troops to Ukraine on February 26 at the end of an international summit on Ukraine in Paris. The French president is due to meet party leaders on Thursday to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine claims it destroyed a Russian warship in the Black Sea. kyiv also said it hit an oil depot in Belgorod, a Russian region bordering Ukraine. In recent weeks, similar attacks against oil facilities in Russia have been occurring one after another.

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France will contribute to the reconstruction of the Chernihiv region. “Cooperation between the French and Ukrainian communities is essential for the sustainable development of the Chernihiv region”The deputy prime minister called for the restructuring of Ukraine, which is located on Ukraine's northern border with Russia. In a press releaseindicates that A total of more than 5 million euros of joint work is already underway (…).

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