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Jacob Degrom Yesterday he went to pursue an MRI on his injured shoulder, the team introduced reporters (including Disha Thoussar from the New York Daily News And’s Anthony Dicomo) with an update late last night. According to the club, the filming showed “a significant recovery of the stress reaction to the scapula”. Doctors cleared DeGrom to start “loading and strengthening” his shoulder, but he wouldn’t start throwing. The team will likely send DeGrom for further filming in about three weeks.

Sure, it’s positive to hear about a “big cure”. Degrum for journalists Right before opening day His shoulder was structurally raised, adding, “Once the bones are healed, we’ll be ready to go and build from there and hopefully be healthy for the rest of the year.“That the bone has advanced in the three and a half weeks since then is a welcome development in its long-term prognosis.

However, deGrom’s announcement that it won’t start yet in a throwing program seems to indicate it’s not particularly close to making a comeback. Both Thosar and DiComo point out that it’s unclear if the team is ruling out DeGrom from starting a throwing program until his next shoot three weeks from now. If that proves to be the case, there will be almost no chance of the two-time Cy Young winner returning at the beginning of June as hoped.

deGrom hasn’t played in a regular season game since July 7 last year. He spent the second half of the season on the roster recovering from an elbow problem. This led to an unfortunate early end to what appeared to be one of the most dominant bowler performances in league history. DeGrom is back this spring and has twice started playing the Grapefruit League before feeling some shoulder soreness during a long throwing session between rounds. The team sent him for an MRI, which revealed the stress reaction that had shut him down so far.

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In the absence of Degrom, the Mets opened the season in turns Max ScherzerAnd Chris BassettAnd Taylor MiguelAnd Carlos Carrasco And Taiguan Walker. This is the top five baseball player even without a doubt. The top four shooters were excellent, with every member of that group posting an ERA and SIERA of 3.00 or less during their first few starts.

Walker landed IL only twice in his first season appearance due to shoulder bursitis, but is expected to return this weekend. left-handed David Peterson He rose to his feet and did very well. Only the Dodgers (2.09) had a better turning age than the Mets’ 2.29 at the start, which is a big reason for the New York race to have a 13-5 start.

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